Yuji Nagata On His Experience At AEW

NJPW star Yuji Nagata was recently interviewed by NJPW1972.com. Here are some highlights….

On thinking his trip to the US was to film shows for New Japan Strong:

“I honestly had thought the whole time we were going to do it on NJPW STRONG. However much I thought about how NJPW and AEW relate, I didn’t think we would do it on Dynamite at all,” Nagata said during the interview.”

On making his return to TNT:

“It was a nice piece to that story. In a real way that was part of a warm welcome from them, to have that touch of having that match live on TNT.”

“I’ve always believed in showing that Yuji Nagata has a lot more fire than the average wrestler. That’s the same for every match, but this time in particular, I was back on TNT for the first time in 23 years.”

“It was being broadcast across the US, and there was a big reaction before the match even started, with social media I definitely got that impression. It was just a shame with COVID, the crowd was pretty limited.”

On wrestling in the US:

“When you wrestle over there though, it isn’t as much about wrestling to the people in the building as it is wrestling to the cameras and the TV audience. That’s what had me fired up.”

On meeting Jon Moxley during the World Tag League in 2019:

“I thought I would just say hello to be polite, but we ended up chatting for a while. He said he had been watching my matches for a long time, that he had wanted to meet me for a while.”

“I’m a different generation to him, but apparently he saw recent matches of mine and got drawn in.”

On meeting up with Sonny Onoo at AEW and getting a visit from Shinsuke Nakamura:

“Sonny isn’t in the best of shape with his heart, but he made it all the way from Iowa to Jacksonville. Shinsuke Nakamura came by my hotel as well.”

Click here for the full interview.

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