Tom Latimer Talks About Why He Was Released From WWE

NWA star Tom Latimer was recently the guest on the This Is Wrestling Podcast. During the show Latimer talked about being released from WWE.

“When I got fired from WWE for a drinking related thing, for touching a cop, for one I was arrogant and I was in a good position. I thought ‘oh, I’ll be fine.” Because I’d already been arrested before that, when I’d first signed with WWE, for a DUI. So they already knew I had a drinking problem. I was oblivious to it, because I wasn’t drinking every day, I was drinking occasionally. But when I’d drink that one time, I’d end up in trouble. So when they released me, they said ‘go seek some help. Ya know, you’ve probably got a problem.’ I was still like ‘nah, I don’t have a problem.’ And that’s how I still carried on for 10 years.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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