The Godfather On The BSK Reunion At Survivor Series

Last Sunday at Survivor Series saw many Superstars return for The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. The Godfather was one of those Superstars and pitched a BSK reunion to The Undertaker. The Godfather recently spoke to and talked about the reunion which took place the night before Survivor Series.

“For that one night, the past came back to life. If you didn’t know any better, it felt like it was 20 years ago. We told stories, we hugged, we cried—and we put Timmy White to bed, just like we used to back in the day.”

“Mark is honest, he respects the business and he never forgets about his friends,” said Wright. “He changed the business, especially for big men. He’s one of a kind.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

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