Stu Bennett On Leaving WWE

NWA commentator Stu Bennett (known as Wade Barrett in WWE) was recently the guest on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling. Here are some highlights…

On knowing he had to leave WWE:

“2016 is when I left. I think it was April or May 2016, and I told them ‘okay my contract coming up. I’m not re-signing. They [WWE] made me a couple of offers, ‘doesn’t matter what you offer me I need to leave, I f*cking hate it here.’ I needed that change.”

On falling out of love with WWE:

“I loved my job probably until the end of 2014 beginning of 2015.”

“Because I had done some exciting things and then some not so exciting things. But I felt I at least I had this carrot in front of me and I was excited about, you know, if I keep improving. Improve my physique? I’ll try and get ripped that’ll convince [them]. Oh no, maybe I need a catchphrase? And I got a catchphrase. Or maybe I need a T shirt that’s a big seller? Maybe I need to work on my in-ring skills? There was all these things; there was always something in my head on how I can improve them and improve this, improve that.”

On becoming King of the Ring:

“I was sliding down the card and getting opportunities that I thought were kind of wasted. Like I became King of the Ring, which sounds like it should be impressive, but what it was followed up with? Zero writing.”

“You know, 30 seconds of writing. ‘Just have them wrestle for three minutes’ and ‘Have this guy go over Stu whatever.’ Yeah, there was that level of writing, week after week after week. And suddenly after putting in the effort I had to climb up the card and get to where I want it to be? I’m rewarded with what I thought was pretty disappointing to say the least.”

Click here for the full show.

Huskie Howard

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