Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards On Their Infamous Baseball Bat Incident

Both Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan recently spoke to WrestleZone and both reflected on their infamous baseball bat incident from 2018.

Edwards: “I’m okay with it, you know, I’m okay with it happening, I’m okay with everything that has happened since because like I’ve talked about before, without that, I wouldn’t be the character the person or the wrestler that I am now. You know, I’m happy that it’s behind me, obviously, but at this point, I wouldn’t change it because it has led me down this road to where I am going into Slammiversary for the title,and it forced me to change, which is a great thing because, sometimes, comfortable isn’t always a good thing, you know. I was who I was, I had my style and my character, but now I feel like it gave me another dynamic to myself, inside the ring and outside the ring.”

“It’s given me chances to try different things, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more comfortable, not in a bad way, more comfortable or have more confidence in my ability and where I am today because I know at any point I can bring out the stuff I’ve done in the past or go back to the quote on quote technical style, the strong style or the hardcore or the brawling,” Edwards said. “I know that I have that all in my repertoire. Me being that well-rounded has led me to having the most confidence I’ve ever had in my career inside and outside the ring.”

Callihan: “It put IMPACT Wrestling back on the map. It changed me, it changed Eddie Edwards. We would not be in the position we’re in without that situation. I’m a big proponent of fate and everything happens for a reason, and it’s just something that happened and needed to happen.”

“It still comes up every once in a while because there’s nothing else you can really rag on me about my career. I’m not an unsafe person and the list of people I’ve hurt in my career is extremely low. It’s something that I think 100% makes my character better, it’s a ‘controlled chaos’ style of wrestling.”

Click here to watch Callihan’s interview.

Click here to watch Edwards’ interview.

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