Ryback Rips Into WWE For Having Events During The Coronavirus Pandemic

On the latest episode of Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report with Raj Giri. Ryback lit into WWE for still holding events during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“This is something with shareholders too from a stock standpoint as you can’t hide this stuff anymore. It’s going to come out. WWE is gonna come out with some bulls*** excuse that they couldn’t get coronavirus testing but all of these other sports and people with money have access to coronavirus testing. Especially with what they’re doing, you would think that would be even more made available.”

“When I saw that it was just a screening, I go, ‘All they care about is getting this done for whatever reason.’ You don’t wanna lose money as a business but you’re sacrificing human lives for no reason,” said Ryback.”

“I think a lot more is gonna come out on this as this goes on. I feel people are hiding that this needs to be talked about as to why they are not being tested for coronavirus. Because I don’t believe they are or if they are it’s being hidden. They’ve never officially said that one talent has it where the NBA [did] and they were forced to shut down operations. This is a nasty situation, man.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard is the owner and editor-in-chief of WrestleFix.com. He is a long time contributor to WrestleOhio.com, where he is known for his extensive coverage of Ohio pro wrestling and interviews with the stars of the Ohio pro wrestling scene.

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