Rohit Raju On Wrestlers Being Stereotyped In Impact Wrestling

Rohit Raju recently held an AMA on Reddit. Raju would talk about wanting the Desi Hit Squad to be more serious in IMPACT Wrestling and would talk about how wrestlers are stereotyped in the company.

“I appreciate the praise for AAW. Some promotions don’t want me to use the Indian gimmick so they ask me to just be ‘me’. AAW is perfect example of that. I took my frustrations, bitterness, anger, and used it to fuel The Hustle and The Muscle. It shows that I can be more than goofy Rohit that gets slapped by Gama all the time. I can be a star if given the chance. As far as Indy talent, I want Karam to get signed by IMPACT.”

“We wanted to do a more serious DHS. I mentioned cutting promos about how fans would chant “kwiki mart” at us, but who was the one going there and buying his 50th Slurpee? Who was he giving money too? When you want to act like you have some culture where do you go eat at? The Indian restaurant. You took Yoga from us. Who taught you how to have better sex with thanks to the Kama Sutra? We did. You wanna do Indian things, but boo the guys that brought it to you. I wanted to do something like that, but they wanted a sillier DHS, because it was more entertaining in their eyes.”

“To this day wrestling is still kind of ‘evil foreigner’ driven. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. I think we could’ve been handled better in a lot of ways. But all you can do is keep putting in that hard work, and hopefully it pays off.”

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