Rock N Roll Express Talk About Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame & More!

Soon to be WWE Hall of Famers The Rock N Roll Express recently spoke to CBS Sports. Here are some highlights….

On getting the call about going into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Morton: “It was a surprise. I had a message on my phone [from WWE] to call the number back. I think they got a hold of Robert at the time. When they called, it was just like a suckerpunch. It just knocked us off our feet.”

Gibson: “It’s an honor for Ricky and me to go into the hall of fame.”

On getting mobbed by fans before a show in Greensboro, NC:

Morton: “Robert had just bought a brand new Trans Am. Man, when you got 4,000 people and they rush, their faces was pushed up against the windows. It took 45 minutes for the police to get to the car to get them off. Robert’s brand new car looked like it had been in one of them derby things. It was beat all to hell.”

Gibson: “Yeah, me and Ricky pulled in the parking lot and they swamped the car. I’m blowing the horn, ‘Get off my car!’ They couldn’t move. The people up front couldn’t move, because like Ricky said, it was probably 40, 50 people deep, on top of each other.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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