PCO Talks About Hulk Hogan Losing To Jacques Rougeau In 1997

PCO recently spoke with Liam Wyatt of ITRWrestling. During the interview PCO discussed Jacques Rougeau beating Hulk Hogan at a house show in 1997.

“We were under contract with WCW, and then we decided that we would run our own show. We rent out the building, we paid off WCW for all their talent, I’m gonna throw numbers in there, [they might] be a little bit less, a little bit more, but just so we have an idea so…all the WCW talents were under contract on a per-year deal. So it was not costing [sic] anything to have a show because they were under contract. So we threw $20,000 for WCW. We threw maybe $30,000 just for Hulk [Hogan.] And then we promoted the whole event, the publicity, the building, the posters, the newspaper article, all the publicity and everything.”

“We ended up with about 13,000 people, which was a great house for WCW, it was like a WCW show. And the main event was Jacques Rougeau against Hulk…It’s true that Jacques and Hogan, I mean for the money that he got, I think it would have been cheap for him not to do it. Because we paid him good money, and it’s a house show. I think it was just returning a favor to someone that he respected a lot.”

Click here for PCO’s comments.

Huskie Howard

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