Pat Kenney On His New Role With NWA

Pat Kenney recently spoke to WrestleZone. During the interview he talked about his new role with the NWA.

“I had spoken to other groups about coming in an agent role but it’s just that number one, I didn’t believe in their products and number two, it wasn’t a fit. I had begun this other career that I enjoyed and that also gave me this security, so Billy and I were able to reach an agreement where I can still do the other jobs but my focus would be Talent Relations and work from home. What does it entail? It entails everything that involves talent. I just spent weeks doing payroll, and luckily my wife is a teacher and she’s very very adept at Google and stuff like that so she’s able to teach me. I was at the tapings recently in March and everyday is an adventure. Every single day.”

“I get tons of emails everyday from young wrestlers, middle aged wrestlers, older wrestlers, everyone looking to come in and I’m just trying to take the time to vet them and look at them and give them an opportunity. I’m trying to run it the way—I think of all the things that upset me as a performer and I’m trying to do the opposite and it’s hard. It’s very hard, because my first obligation is to the betterment of the group, the NWA and Billy as the owner,” he explained, “but then I also have to be a mediator with talent too. It’s interesting, it definitely applies my sales skills from real estate and my ability to take order and direction from sanitation and I can combined the two and I think it helps.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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