Mojo Rawley Reveals Original Plans For WrestleMania 36

Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley was recently the guest on the Straight Shooting podcast. During the interview Rawley revealed his original plans for WrestleMania 36.

“We were going to do some matches before the world shutdown and he went back to football. We started with Moss and had to cut that programing. I think the plan was for me, Moss, and Truth to do a triple threat at Mania or some 24/7 Behind the Scenes match. Something that was different. We had to scrap all that on the fly. Part of me was like, ‘I should’ve pitched this Gronk stuff until after Mania,’ but we knew we wanted to bring him in before Mania. Part of it is on me pitching stuff, but you know how the machine is; every week, you show up and you don’t know what you are. At one point, I was flip-flopping between face and heel every week. I do what I’m told.”

Huskie Howard

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