Miro On Why He Was Released From WWE & More!

AEW star Miro was recently the guest on Talk Is Jericho. Here are some highlights…..

On wanting to work for AEW and being frustrated in WWE:

“I kind of knew I was going to come here honestly. When AEW first started, I was very unhappy. I wasn’t happy because I knew I could give a lot more than what they were using me, and that’s all I wanted. I never pushed myself to be any kind of champion. I just wanted to be given the opportunity to excel, and the most disheartening thing was I feel like I excelled in every single opportunity they gave me, but somehow, that was still not enough.”

“And I’m a very competitive person. I grew up playing sports, and in my mind, if you do better, you should get on top, but I got to this point where it’s like, ‘why am I doing all this? I’m killing myself to a degree to go nowhere,’ and it was just very frustrating. I knew that I needed a new challenge, and when the whole pandemic thing happened and when they let me go, I was not discouraged at all. I knew right away it was meant to be.

“I knew when the time is right, I’m going to come to AEW, and I believe I talked to you. Later on you said, ‘let’s bring you brother, but let’s have something for you. It’s not you’re just here for the sake of being here,’ which made a lot of sense, and I was so happy. Everything, the timing, ‘The Best Man’, everything worked to such perfection because it was just meant to be.”

On the time he requested his released from WWE and the news was leaked out:

“So I did ask, I think about three years ago, because it was another situation where I was just unhappy, and I talked to one person. The next day, that conversation was on the dirt sheets. This was the problem. Who do you go to? Who do you turn to when you’re down, when you need advice [or] when you need somebody to be like, ‘hey man, you’ll be okay.’ You have nobody because they’re all stooges.”

“Somehow it always leaks out, and you don’t feel safe. If you don’t feel safe [and] you don’t know where to turn to, then you’re naked out there, and thank God I have my wife and she has me, but at the end of the day man, you need somebody that can be, ‘hey, this is not okay. Who do I talk to?’ There’s nobody.”

On the finish of his last WWE match being changed:

“I was thinking [about] the last match I had on TV. I knew that was my last match. It was me, Humberto Carrillo, young kid, against Garza and Bobby. The match started. We were supposed to go over. Next thing you know, I’m losing. Next thing you know, now Garza is beating me, not Bobby, who I was feuding with, the other guy. I already have no wins against none of these people, so it [didn’t] matter.”

“I’m a professional. Cool, whatever you want to do that’s what we do. So then comes the finish, a roll up. The instructions was for him to leave the ring. Next thing you know, I see the ref goes to his ear. Next thing, Angel goes up to the corner and raises his hand while I’m in the ring sitting from a roll up, and I turn around and back in the back my eye, I see what’s happening. I just charged him and beat the f–k out of him. I just saw him there, and my eyes turned red because I knew what they were trying to do. Rikishi always told me, ‘you got to protect yourself. Nobody’s going to look after you,’ and I just went there, and I started clubbing him.”

“And he rolled out, and I broke Joey Mercury’s rule, which is if you’re babyface and you lose you, you never raise your hand, but I just so wanted to stick it up to everybody and say it doesn’t f–king matter who wins or loses because I am Miro and just raised my hands. And that was it. I came through the back. Vince said he’s going to give me a bonus. He said he’s going to give me a bonus because ‘oh, they’re trying to bury you out there. You really took care of yourself.'”

On why WWE released him:

“I got a text message the day of. It said, ‘Miro, we need to talk.’ I actually had the feeling, so I wanted to call [Mark] Carano. I was like, should I text him, but I was at the vet. It was like, okay, I’ll take care of the dogs first, and the next thing you know, I got a text message. ‘Hey, we need to talk.’ I knew right away. So I called him. He told me, ‘I’m so sorry,’ and I really lashed out for five minutes. I did lash out because there’s just so much. It was just much over the years.”

“I was getting some of the boys around because we were not okay about how everybody was treated in the pandemic situation. We felt scared to go to work, and once again, it was probably ten of us talking, somebody leaked it to the office. From us 10 people that were talking, somebody leaked it to the office and to the dirt sheets, and once that happened, I knew right away they’re gonna fire me because they’re going to blame it all on me of course because I’m the guy, but it doesn’t matter.”

“They fired me. I lashed out because I think we’re on the path of doing something good because I do want to protect the boys. We all wanted to protect the boys and the girls. That didn’t work out, and that’s why I felt like they cut me underneath because I was just so angry man.”

On being fine with his release and having offers from other promotions:

“At the end of the day, I got fired. I went home. I didn’t tell my mother because I thought she was going to get worried and all that, but I had not a single worry. Not at all. I knew it. I knew everything is timing. They think it sucks. They think they’re doing me dirty because of the pandemic, but that’s not true at all because I’m going to wait my three months. I’m going to talk to you guys.”

“I know I’m f–king good. I’m not a scrub. I know I’m gonna get work, and that’s what happened. I contacted AEW. They contacted me. I had a few offers before from different places, but I knew AEW is the place. I still think it is, and I think it always will be.”

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