Mark Sterling Says WWE Wouldn’t Hire Him For A Production Job Because He Was A Wrestler

AEW star Mark Sterling was recently the guest on the Straight Shooting podcast. During the interview Sterling talked about his background in film and audio production. Sterling also talked about becoming a wrestler in hopes he would be a more desirable candidate to WWE to get a production job there.

“I did go to a lot of school, I have a bachelor’s [degree] and a MFA, the MFA was a three-year program in documentary production, actually, so film. I’ve been doing film and audio production for years. And to be honest, I went to college and said to myself like, how do I work for WWE? So I was like I really love the packages they do, if I could produce packages, that would be like the dream job. And then I became a wrestler because I was like, well, if there was a guy who’s good at doing packages who didn’t wrestle, and there was a guy who knew wrestling and knew how to wrestle, and produce packages, they could hire the wrestler.”

“Little did I realize, years later, I wanna say this is like 2018, I was like in the final stages of getting a production job with WWE, very far, I had many interviews and they eventually said no because I was a professional wrestler, because I was wrestling. And when they asked the question, Would you stop’, my answer was, ‘If I needed to.’ So I did not get it. I was very upset about it at the time but now that entire department was wiped out [during] the firings, and I am living a dream on TV every week so, [it was a] blessing in disguise.”

“It’s so weird because my first interview was when I was at extra work. I was at extra work working as a wrestler, in a suit, and I had an in-person interview, like somebody was like, ‘Hey you should talk to him, he’s the producer or whatever.’ So I sat down for a while with the head honcho. So in my mind I’m like, well it’s clearly not a problem because they know that I’m a wrestler.”

“Eventually it got to somebody where it did matter. Weird thing. Very weird thing. But also the film stuff has helped me with everything because I would get booked, not because I’m an awesome athlete or amazing professional wrestler but because I could produce really entertaining promotional videos, for myself, for my match, for the promotion. So I utilized my film experience and audio experience to leverage bookings, which got me to meet more people and advance my wrestling career as well.”

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