Mark Henry Calls Out Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan recently made comments about pro wrestling moves. This has prompted WWE Superstar Mark Henry to address Rogan’s comments.

“Joe Rogan basically started with this caution to overly sensitive fans that, whenever you give a disclaimer, you’re basically saying ‘okay get ready here comes the trouble’. I look the biggest part of this whole thing is Joe Rogan is a announcer. You have to know your role. Our announcers wouldn’t dare say anything about a talent and I think that UFC may need to kind of tell him ‘look man you’re bringing the heat on us’ A lot our fans are UFC fans and there a lot of UFC fans that are wrestling fans and you’re disrespecting the fanbase. That’s that’s the number one thing.”

“The second thing is he used the word ridiculous as regards to Jimmy Superfly Snuka’s splash. Jimmy is not here with us no more and I took that really to heart as being Ultra disrespectful. I guarantee you there’s a lot of fans of wrestling that will look at him differently after seeing what he said and in all of the negativity that came from it. He is a comedian and he might put it on the fact ‘I’m a comedian I was trying to be funny’. Well you’re not a good comedian because it wasn’t funny.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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