Maria Kanellis Says WWE Spread False Rumors About Her Pregnancy

Former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis recently did an interview with Cageside Seats. During the interview Kanellis claimed that WWE spread false rumors about her pregnancy.

“From there, I started getting direct messages from different news outlets. ‘Oh, did you not tell them blah blah, blah.’ Those rumors are coming directly from WWE and they are just trying to make us look bad so that when they release us they can feel better about it? But we give them every opportunity to restructure my contract or not pay me as much. They came with more money. That’s not my fault. And so those are the facts.”

“Mike was on the road every single weekend during his recovery. He didn’t go to WWE recovery. They didn’t pay for his recovery. If they had, Mike would have ended up paying 50 percent of it back anyways through his contract. A little-known fact. Linda McMahon actually spoke about it during a congressional Congress interrogation, I guess you would call it. So you guys can look it up if you want facts. Those are the facts that even if they had, Mike would have paid for fifty percent of it anyways. But they did not. If you look it up, you can find out that WWE was on the road every single weekend that I was pregnant. He did not go to rehab. He did not go away.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

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