Manny Fernandez Addresses Jim Cornette’s Comments That He Faked His Military Background

On a recent episode of No BS with the Bull, Manny Fernandez talked about Jim Cornette’s comments that he faked his military background.

“Jim Cornette is about as manly as a cup of tapioca pudding… You’ve got to look where it’s coming from. And I did something very stupid when he posted out there about stolen valor – which really hurt me, really really hurt me; destroyed me. I gave up my (college) football career when I could have played at UCLA, went and wrestled there and played football there, USC, all the PAC 10 schools back then – Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State – I had scholarships to small offense from all of them… (When Cornette posted that) I got so angry that I went and posted my DD214 and my Service Connection (showing) my service in (Vietnam)…(My girlfriend) was so angry that I went and posted my private life on Facebook that she didn’t want to talk to me for months.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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