Justin Credible On Paul Heyman Paying For His Son’s Birth, How He Become Aldo Montoya & More!

Former WWE and ECW Superstar Justin Credible recently spoke to Jimmy Tehfreak of JOB’d Out Wrestling. Here are some highlights….

On how he became Aldo Montoya:

“Pat (Patterson) goes ‘What nationality are you’ and I said ‘I’m Portuguese sir’. (Pat) goes ‘no shit! Hey Vince (McMahon) – this kid’s Portuguese!’ and Vince popped… I don’t understand why, maybe they knew somebody that was Portuguese and it was a big rib haha – so last question was ‘Do you speak it?’ and that was it. The character was already in place, they just needed a guy to fit the role.”

On if he was ever asked to speak Portuguese:

“They never went to Portugal, and something happened with Brazil, which was the South American market they wanted to go to and it fell through – so yeah, that happened.. or didn’t happen.”

On how he ended up as Justin Credible and how that character wasn’t always meant for him:

“The look was (me), the wrestling was (me but) the name was not. Bilvis Wesley was with ECW for a very long time before ever stepped foot in front of a camera. He was ring crew, he helped with merchandise, he was a bigtime helper in ECW… he was driving down the Jersey Shore, that’s where he’s from, and he saw a big sign on the back of a pickup truck that read Justin Credible, and he thought it was fantastic so he pitched it to Paul (Heyman).”

On Heyman paying for his son’s birth:

“Let me tell you about Paul Heyman real quick… Paul Heyman paid for my son’s birth and my wife’s pregnancy – out of pocket cash – he paid $75,000+, which a lot of people don’t know, because he committed to this via contract, he never got health insurance proper. So when my child was born I gave him every single receipt and every single bill that got paid. He tried his best to keep his word, he really did, and if you were important to him – he was going to try to go to bat for you.”

Click here to watch the full show.

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