Justin Carnes Discusses The Cease And Desist Against TNA

One of the hottest topics in wrestling the past few days has been TNA receiving a cease and desist letter from Independent wrestler Justin Carnes aka Krimson. I recently caught up with Justin Carnes and we discussed the situation.

Huskie: Wrestling fans welcome back to Wrestle Fix. My guest today is a man who has been making headlines as of late. My guest is none other than Justin Carnes. Justin, how are you doing today? Thanks for joining us here at Wrestle Fix.

Carnes: I’m good, thanks for having me!

Huskie: Let’s dive right into it. You recently sent TNA a cease and desist letter. Can you tell us what motivated you to do that?

Carnes: A lot of people were bringing it my attention via social media. Basically, my motivation was I’m tired of Impact wrestling stealing creatively, and not just from me, I’m sure. The purpose of the C&D was basically, “I’m onto you F*ckers.” If they can do it to me twice, it can certainly happen to others who send stuff in to get looked at.

Huskie: This has been one of the hottest topics in all of wrestling. Along with that came some criticism. I’m sure you have seen some of the stuff being said things such as “He worked as enhancement talent in TNA, he’s just bitter”, “He’s a nobody, who just copied things TNA did”. How do you respond to that?

Carnes: My response my body of work on Prime Wrestling and Sports Time Ohio on TV debunks all of that. I don’t want a job with TNA, and I never asked for a dime. People on social media love to put me on blast, and why? Cause I’m standing up for myself & those like me? They also have no clue what they’re talking about or my dealings with TNA in the past. Some fans may find it shocking, but there is a ton of great talent out there who aren’t on television.

Huskie: TNA Superstar Davey Richards has even chimed in on the situation. What was your initial reaction when you saw the comments from Richards?

Carnes: My first reaction was somebody needs to give the guy a hug. Never met him, I’ve heard mixed things. He’s super talented and is being super unprofessional, but that’s his deal, I guess. Notice Abyss and Steve have not buried me at all, cause their professional and not loaded with “Chemical Enhancers” shall we say. But if there were nothing to my claim, why would he try and discredit me? Why not laugh it off and let the company handle it if it’s so bogus? Also, why be a prick? It’s nothing against talent, I’m actually cool with Abyss, known him for years. It’s about holding Impact accountable. Is the company THAT fragile they can’t handle a pending lawsuit?

Huskie: In the midst of all of the criticism there are people who have showed their support to you. What do you have to say to those who are supporting you?

Carnes: Thank you for your support and Krimson is grateful too.

Huskie: Do you think TNA will stop the Crazzy Steve and Decay gimmicks?

Carnes: Probably not, all TNA had to do was contact my attorney, and say, “We admit to no wrong doing, but to appease the situation, we will alter Steve’s appearance to be less similar.” And it would’ve been over with. They didn’t, so that’s why I went public. And if you think someone can just contact PWIinsider and say “Hey I’ve got a story for you” and they run with it you’re out of your mind. I wish I had such stroke. All this came about from talking to two former producers of TNA and WWE. They helped break the story. They know I’m right.

Huskie: You stated that if they didn’t stop, that you would take legal action. Do you feel that if this goes to court that you can win the case?

Carnes: My attorney is confident in our case of it comes to that.

Huskie: Justin, it’s been good talking to you but before we end this, is there anything that you would like to say?

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Huskie: Unfortunately our time is up, I want to thank you again for joining us here at Wrestle Fix.

Carnes: Thank you.

Huskie: Alright fans, there you heard from Justin Carnes about the situation, hopefully this clears the air for some of those who didn’t fully understand what exactly was going on. Until next time you have been Hanging with Huskie.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard is the owner and editor-in-chief of WrestleFix.com. He is a long time contributor to WrestleOhio.com, where he is known for his extensive coverage of Ohio pro wrestling and interviews with the stars of the Ohio pro wrestling scene.

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