Jon Moxley On His Frustrations With WWE & When He Knew He Would Be Leaving

AEW star Jon Moxely (formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) was recently the guest on Talk is Jericho. Here are some highlights….

On knowing when he was leaving WWE:

“I knew, I pretty much knew I was gone in July of 2018 and at that point I was out with an injury. I tore my tricep and normally that would only like a four month thing, but it was so banged up and bruised cause I had been working on it hurt for a long time and the tendon was all mangled and everything so it was a minimum like six months. Then I got staff infection, then I had to go into surgery again, it turned into like nine months, it was a mess. Very miserable time in my life. Very challenging.”

On being frustrated with ridiculous promos:

“So one day I come into TV like normal. At this time, I think I’m on SmackDown, I’m a good guy, a babyface. A pretty major good guy on the show, basically the lead good guy on the show at this point. I come in and get a backstage promo handed to me from a writer—writer is going to be a key word in this podcast you will find and the word script—I get a script handed to me by a writer, right? And it’s a backstage promo and it’s me describing the things I did on the way to the arena that day,” Moxley said. “These are things that an idiot would do. Like things along the lines of like driving backwards on the street in a unicycle or sharing a pizza with a homeless man on the street, just weird stuff like that. So I’m like, ‘I’m not saying any of that.’ So I’m like, ‘Change all that. Rewrite it just as something normal.’ Go about my business, writer comes back to me later. Vince redid it, put all that stuff back in, so I’m like, “Uh, now I have to go in and talk to Vince.”

“I’m like, ‘Yo, I can’t say all this stuff, it’s ridiculous.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, it’s such good shit! Oh, this stuff, this is the reason people like you. It’s why they connect to you cause you’re different – this is you!’ And I’ve had a million conversations with him that are almost this exact same conversation about similar promos or things.”

“And I said, ‘So I’m an idiot?’ And he goes, ‘No! It’s you! You’re different.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay.’ And I don’t know where we landed on that particular promo, whatever, but that kind of sums up the battle I’ve been fighting for six years.”

“Remember what I was saying about the one line in the previous promo, the week or so before? This promo also had a line regarding my actual friend [Roman Reigns] who is going through actual leukemia that Vince wanted me to say. He tried talking me into saying it. This is where I absolutely drew the line. I was like ‘absolutely not’ and he actually tried to talk me into it a little bit, but I was like ‘absolutely not.’ He’s like ‘oh, if you feel uncomfortable with it, that’s fine,’ and that’s where I finally had to put my foot down.”

“It is the worst line—I’m not going to say it on air. I’ll tell you after we’re done, but I’m not even going to say it on air, that’s how bad it was. It would have been like a thing where somebody would have had to get fired. Maybe me. They would have lost sponsors. Susan G. Komen would have been like—and I don’t know who wrote it, Vince himself or if it was a writer, if you’re listening right now, you should be ashamed of yourself. You wouldn’t believe it. If I would have just said it, been like ‘OK’ and read the script, I can’t imagine. But it would have been on me, not on Vince. Anyway, so that’s that day. Those are just two examples in a day of the life of me.”

Click here for the full show.

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