Jimmy Korderas Criticizes AEW For Not Enforcing Ref Counts

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas was recently the guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. During the show Korderas criticized AEW for not enforcing the referee’s count.

“To me, it’s fine. I mean, I didn’t look at it any differently. I enjoyed a lot of what I saw on AEW. The one problem I still have, a gripe, is following basic rules. I get it. You want to think outside the box. At first, they announced, we’re changing up the counts for the referees a little bit. After a tag, they’re going to have a 10-count to switch in and out, and they’re gonna have a 20-count on the outside, make it more New Japan-ish. They are no longer doing that as far as I know, but they’re barely even counting when the guys are outside the ring.”

“They’re fighting out there far too long, and it’s such an easy fix where one guy just has to roll in and roll back out and that resets the count. That’s all it is. Simple, easy and to me, it’s just, I hate to use this term, but it feels lazy that they don’t want to address that and just tell the referees, ‘Hey, don’t worry about it.’ Just kind of fudge the numbers and just play along, jump outside the ring. Keep checking on us, just do anything but don’t count, especially when you have a main event match where there is no count outs. You have almost every match before that have extended periods on the floor.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

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