Huskie Howard Interviews Tyson Dux

Dux with DDP!
Dux with DDP!

Huskie: Wrestling fans welcome back to Wrestle Fix. Today my guest is Tyson Dux. Tyson, how are you doing today? Thanks for joining us here at Wrestle Fix.

Dux:  Doing great man thanks. No problem happy to get the chance to talk with ya.

Huskie: Let’s dive right in. How long have you been in the wrestling business?

Dux: It’ll be 19 years in August.

Huskie: What made you want to get into the wrestling business?

Dux:  I’m a kid of the 80’s, I grew up and loved wrestling from an early age.

Huskie: You were trained by Scott D’Amore, Joe E. Legend and Terry Taylor. What was your training like? And how important is it to train with a reputable trainer?

Dux: Training was different with all three.  Joe showed me all he knew in the ways of moves and holds. Scott would refine my skills and pick my stuff apart fixing any errors in moves and ring set up. Terry taught me how it all went together.  You need to find the best of the best of trainers it goes without saying.  They don’t have to headline WrestleMania but they need to know the skills needed.

Huskie: Who are some trainers that you would recommend?

Dux: Michael Elgin has a school. Can-Am wrestling run by Scott D’Amore is a great place as well.

Huskie: Who are your influences in wrestling?

Dux: I have tons. Great Muta, Ricky Steamboat, Rick Rude, Macho Man, William Regal, Benoit and Guerrero.  Just the top names that pop up in my brain right away.

Huskie: What is it like being on the road traveling from show to show?

Dux: It’s always an adventure. The road can be hard and tiring but if you love it there’s nothing like it.

Huskie: Where are some of your favorite and least favorite places to travel to?

Dux: Japan was awesome!  East Coast Canada is always solid. It’s hard to say I haven’t found a place that wasn’t at least a little Interesting.

Huskie: What is the Canadian wrestling scene like compared to the wrestling scene here in the States?

Dux: The Canadian scene is beyond good and there is a huge amount of talent in the north. The ones that are terrible or don’t do well are weeded out.

Huskie: You have worked for WWE, TNA and ROH. How did those opportunities come about?

Dux: I have pushed and worked hard to get my stuff to the right people. I work hard and make sure when I have an opportunity I always do my job right.

Huskie: What were your experiences like with WWE, TNA and ROH?

Dux wearing down Sin Cara.
Dux wearing down Sin Cara.

Dux: All my experiences have been very enjoyable, all three are very different but still great professional places to work.

Huskie: Why do you think you didn’t work longer for those companies?

Dux: This business is about timing, if you aren’t what they are looking for at the very moment you don’t get a job plain and simple.

Huskie: You have been around for a while and as we just discussed you have had numerous opportunities with major promotions. Do you think that you could still get signed to any of those companies?

Dux: I’m still in better shape than most Indy kids out there and my resume is good so there is always a good chance.

Huskie: What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your career?

Dux: Coming back after knee injury would be the hardest thing.

Huskie: You appear in an episode of Kenny vs. Spenny. How did you get that gig? What was that experience like?

Dux: Timing! (laughs)  I knew the right people.  It was a riot and so much fun.

Huskie: You have worked for major promotions, you have appeared on a TV show. What else is there for Tyson Dux to accomplish?

Dux: Just to keep doing what I’m doing, make a little money and give my kid an easier path in this business if he wants it.

Huskie: Do you have any advice for those who are looking to get into the wrestling business?

Dux: Work hard, harder than anyone else. Always be will to learn anything and any style.

Huskie: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Dux: Keep watching I’m far from done and I have some big things coming….. Well maybe (timing) (laughs)

Huskie: How can fans follow you online?

Dux: Twitter @tysondux

Instagram @tysondux

Huskie: Before our time runs out, do you have any good stories that you would like to share with us?

Dux: There are way too many stories, some are incriminating (laughs) maybe another time.

Dux trying to force Sonjay Dutt to the mat.
Dux trying to force Sonjay Dutt to the mat.

Huskie: Where can fans catch you in action at?

Dux: Just keep checking out my Twitter for shows and dates.

Huskie: Tyson, it’s been great talking to you but unfortunately out time has run out. I want to thank you again for joining us here at Wrestle Fix.

Dux: Thanks for having me.

Huskie: Alright fans be sure to catch Tyson Dux in action. Until next time you have been Hanging with Huskie.

Special thanks goes out to Scott Simpson for the display photo of this interview.

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