Hernandez On Some Issues He Had With Impact, AEW Challenging WWE & More!

Former Impact Wrestling/Lucha Underground star Hernandez recently spoke with Super Luchas. Here are some highlights…

On Jim Cornette being instrumental in his TNA career:

“Jim Cornette was instrumental in my singles push in TNA. It was going well and the crowd was behind me. In the middle of the push, Jim Cornette called and informed me he had quit over creative differences with the head of creative. When Jim left so did my push. I think in part to spite whatever Cornette had accomplished.”

On how Dixie Carter treated him:

“TNA has provided me with the exposure I needed to display my talents internationally. It was a great place to work for me until it was decided I would be a singles competitor. I broke my neck in 2009 at a TV taping and the first thing management asked me was how was I going to pay for it.

“Even after I had to get a MRI on my own to prove to them I was injured. Haggling over money I was to be reimbursed that I spent on fees that occurred on their program and in their ring was awkward and ridiculous.”

“It is true I was sent to Mexico to work with AAA to work on things and be marketable to the Latin market. The payoff for me was to return with the AAA heavyweight belt to TNA. Obviously, that did not happen due to backstage politics in AAA and TNA.”

“I do not place blame on Dixie, more so on the people she put in charge to coordinate the deal with AAA and TNA.

“It is simple why would I leave TNA and the US and live in Mexico for 9-10 months away from my family and kids if I wasn’t promised something huge in return.”

On AEW challenging WWE:

“WWE will always be number one worldwide. It’s not to say a AEW or another brand do extremely successful as a solid number two.”

Click here for the full interview.

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