Gerald Brisco Says WWE Blew It With The Re-Launch Of ECW

On a recent episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, they discussed WWE bringing back the ECW brand. Gerald Brisco would say that the company blew it.

“We being WWE really blew that. I think that was something I look back on that I see we really blew — we as a company blew it. Because I don’t think any of us really gave it the respect and had the vision that Vince actually had to make it work. Because our early TVs were really good ECW product. Then we started getting, ‘Well, it needs to be slicker, it needs to be this,’ it didn’t need to be any of that stuff except the way we started and the way you guys had it there. So I think we blew that opportunity to really make another competition, another brand that was with the WWE. I think we blew it big time because we wanted to slick it up too much, because the original TV was dark, and we just started messing with it, putting that WWE slickness on it. I think that’s where we started going down with it there.”

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Huskie Howard

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