Finn Balor Talks About Being The Face Of The Future, Which RAW Superstar He Looks Forward To Facing The Most & More!

RAW Superstar Finn Balor recently spoke to Here are some highlights….

 Which WWE Raw Superstar he is most looking forward to facing:
“You know, you’re gonna think I’m making this up. But for the longest time, there has been a kind of mutual respect/competitiveness between myself and Seth [Rollins], I think. We’d done a panel the morning of [NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn], and it was something we touched on that when I was in Japan and Seth was in the independents in the United States, we’d always hear each other mentioned in the same breath, and it was like, ‘Who’s better?’ We’d never really had a chance to challenge each other one-on-one, but it was something that was always very much in the back of our minds.”

“We both take a lot of pride in our work and are very competitive, and of course we both want to prove to each other that I’m better than him or he’s better than me. But he’s someone I’ve looked up to for a long time in WWE. He’s definitely the number one person I’m looking forward to wrestling, and it just so happens to be at SummerSlam.”

On his goals:

“You know, wrestling has been a funny old game for me. I’ve never really had a plan. I started when I was 18, and all I wanted was to have my first match. And then I wanted to have another match. Then, after a couple of matches were under my belt, I wanted to work in Japan. I ended up spending eight years in Japan, and then I wanted to have a shot at WWE. I came to NXT, I fell in love with the product and I wanted the NXT Title. I went after the NXT Title, won it and defended it for 292 days, and that became very much my main focus.”

“Transitioning to Raw, the goal obviously was to debut on Raw. I’ve done that now. So obviously, the next goal is to become the first WWE Universal Champion. I can’t really picture anything past SummerSlam right now, [other than to] just continue what I’ve been doing and keep moving forward. I still feel like I’ve a lot to give to the business and I want to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Is there extra pressure being labeled “the face of the future”?:

“You know, people are always going to label you as something. People can label me as the face of the future, but I’ve been doing this for 16 years. For me, this is nothing new. I’m very assured of my ability when I’m in the ring. Sure, I’m new to Raw and I’m new to WWE, but I’m not new to being in the ring. In the ring, I consider myself quite capable. I can handle myself. That’s a very flattering moniker, to be called the face of the future, and hopefully I can live up to that. But for me, you know, it’s my past, present and hopefully my future. Wrestling is my life. So for me, it’s not just the future. It’s literally everything I do.”

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