Erick Rowan Talks About His Recent Injury & More!


Smackdown Live Superstar Erick Rowan recently spoke with Here are some highlights….

On the food offered by WWE catering at live events:


“It’s great the company offers it. They have healthy choices and not so healthy choices, but as much as we are on the road it gets old sometimes.”

On his recent injury and subsequent training regimen:

“Some weeks are dedicated to strength, others for aesthetics. Lately I have been into rehabilitation and flexibility for warmup. The book Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett is a life changer. Now with my most recent surgery this will become my textbook.”

On Big E being the strongest wrestler on the WWE roster:

“Big E is a beast. I used to think I was strong but this guy has a way of humbling you. Imagine doing reps on bench with three plates on each side and you’re feeling great. Big E asks if you’re finished. You say, ‘sure, want anything off?’ He goes, ‘No leave it,’ then adds another 45 to each side for a warm-up. HUMBLED.”

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