Eric Bischoff On Max Caster’s Controversial Rap, Chavo Guerrero In AEW & More!

On a recent episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed multiple topics concerning AEW.

On Max Caster’s controversial rap:

“It was f***ing stupid, it was just like that jack*** over in AEW that rapped the other week and ended up getting suspended for a couple months. At some point, that’s your brand and it’s how the television and advertising business looks at your product and what you do. Once it gets out in the public and people are discussing it on the internet, it just doesn’t change anything. That kind of stuff would end up on the desk of advertising agencies or executives that I worked for in management above me. It’s just stupid.”

“I get it, you’re trying to get heat, you’re trying to be out of the box, trying to be controversial. If anybody believes in that stuff it’s me but you gotta have some common sense for crying out loud.”

On Chavo Guerrero being in AEW:

“I dig Chavo, he’s going to be a great asset, he’s going to be a really great asset. Chavo has got a lot of potential to do a lot of great things. On camera, that’s obvious but Chavo is a very smart, very talented experienced individual. Watch out for Chavo, big things coming from Chavo. Not right away, but I think Chavo will emerge as a very valuable asset to AEW.”

On Christian Cage defeating Kenny Omega for the IMPACT World Championship on AEW’s debut episode of AEW Rampage:

“What’s really cool today is, I was watching the new TNT promos for the new Rampage show following SmackDown on Friday night. And you’re still seeing this version of Sting being promoted today, 22 years later. F***ing awesome.”

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