Dark Side Of The Ring Producers On The Possibility Of An Episode Covering The Coronavirus Pandemic

Executive producer and writer of Dark Side of the Ring Evan Husney and executive producer and director Jason Eisner were recently the guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. During the show the duo was asked if the show could possibly make a future episode covering the Coronavirus pandemic.

Evan: “I don’t know. Obviously, we have to see how it all plays out. But I will say this, and I’m gonna promise Jason on this one, that with wrestling adapting to putting on shows with no audiences, the glass half-full thing is finding out the challenge to do something with it. Jason and I have been talking about, ‘What would we do if given the keys to this?'”

Jason: “Now it’s such an interesting opportunity to do something fresh.”

Evan: “I totally agree. I think it would probably have to be some sort of continuous narrative. You’d have to disrupt the flow of matches and transform it into a more cinematic thing since you don’t have the audience. But I think it’s an opportunity to maybe do something. So, I don’t know if it would be a Dark Side of the Ring episode but it’s an interesting opportunity for wrestling.”

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Huskie Howard

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