Conrad Thompson On Why WWE Delayed Something Else To Wrestle Last Week

On the latest episode of The Same Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Something else to Wrestle Co-host Conrad Thompson revealed why WWE delayed last week’s episode.

“I did say that I wanted to cover some controversial topics, and one of those controversial topics I knew was happening this week, so I thought, wow, that would be good timing. That was on the list, and we did a format, and everybody in the studio said that we couldn’t do it, then we got to the tippy top and they said to absolutely do it, but then some wrinkles happened, and they said, okay, maybe this isn’t the best time, let’s table it for now and give us something else. We did, WWECW, and I thought that would be a fun one because I am passionate about ECW, Bruce Prichard is not. We are going to bicker back and forth, and that is also the hilarious story from the podcast where we see Vince McMahon teaching Kelly Kelly how to dance, and I thought, man, we need a video version of that.”

“That would be tremendous. So, we taped an ECW version of the podcast, but along the way—again, I shared my format ahead of time so they know what is coming. They never asked for the format ahead of time, and they know what is coming. They never asked for the format. They didn’t approve a topic or ask for a topic. I did ask for a pretty controversial one, and you can probably guess what that is to what is happening this week and what is happening this weekend. I’m thinking, okay, that is what we are going to talk about, and everybody loved it at the top, but some Lawyer somewhere thought, hey, let’s wait a few weeks, we said okay, let’s do the ECW one. Well, apparently, there were some things that we weren’t supposed to talk about in there and you can probably guess what we are talking about. They wanted to cut him out, but there were some things that they want erased from history, but I thought, yeah, but we have to talk about him, so, we did our show like we normally do, and the guys in the studio thought that we handled it the right way.”

“When we got the rough cut we thought that this is something we should talk about. Bruce Prichard agreed, and ultimately the decision was made not to be overwritten. We do have creative control in our contract and we do have final say. If you are going to cut out the parts where we say Federation or G– D—, or Mother F—–, okay, but if you are going to change the content of the show I don’t want that. Here is what I had in mind. We went back and forth. I feel like the show that is going to air about WWECW I feel is a show that we are going to be proud of and it’ll be the show that we were looking for. To pretend that something didn’t happen and that we are going to whitewash what ECW was, because forever, Bruce would say that it was a dead brand. ECW sucked, they didn’t have any talent or money, which was why they went out of business, that’s just not true. It was the hottest selling DVD.”

“It did phenomenally on pay per view, it did have an audience, it could have been successful, but they screwed it up. That is the story that they should tell. If we really are trying to be true to the Something to Wrestle fans and give them what the want, we should tell the real version of the story, not the whitewashed WWE version. I felt that with the editing that was what it was going to look like, so we were going back and forth, and I don’t believe it is going to happen again because I feel like we have an understanding of what we are looking for in the show and they sort of know, and they will probably have a little bit more time to pull some clips out and put some edits together, it’s not the end of the deal. There is no trouble in paradise.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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