Cezar Bononi Talks Financial And Green Card Issues While In NXT

Former NXT Superstar Cezar Bononi was recently the guest on the Spark in the Dark podcast. Here are some highlights….

On sacrifices he made to live out his dream:

“It took me two and a half years to go to an amusement park, living in Orlando because money was so short. it took a long time for them to help me out a little bit. ‘Hey, here’s a raise.’ It took me almost two years. I was getting $600 (a week) for like six months and when I finally got paid off, it felt like a raise because I was getting $750. ‘Oh good, I can buy a TV, but I cannot get cable.’”

On his green card issues:

“I had talked to WWE before about applying for a green card and they never wanted to help me out with that, they said my casework was not strong enough and that it was better for me to stay on a P1 Visa, which meant my wife could not work anyplace and I could only work for WWE. If they fire me, I have to go back to Brazil.”

Click here to watch the full show.

Huskie Howard

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