Cesaro Says There’s No Pride In Working Hard And Delivering Daily

Smackdown Superstar Cesaro recently spoke with ComicBook.com. During the interview Cesaro spoke about how there’s no pride in working hard and delivering every day anymore.

“I feel me and Shinsuke do have a ton of loyal fans here in the U.S., and especially internationally since we are two big international WWE superstars, but I feel like a lot of fans, they always want to see something new right now, and if that doesn’t happen right away, then they’re going to lose faith and go to something else and they just want change. It’s just, there’s no patience. I sound so old right now, but you know when you say that you used to work for a company for 10, 20 years, and then you get that old watch? There’s no such thing as that anymore,” Cesaro said. “There’s no pride in just working hard and working well and delivering every single day. It’s always like, ‘okay, how do I get famous? How do I get this? How do I get that?’ They always want to find who the new big guy is or who the new chosen one is. Who can I jump on the bandwagon before everybody else?”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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