Brian Pillman Jr. On Following His Dad’s Footsteps, How He Got Into MLW, If He’s Talked To Major Promotions, Controversial Spots In Wrestling & More!

I recently had the opportunity to talk to MLW star Brian Pillman Jr. We discuss being the son of a legend, his training, how he started working with MLW and more.

Huskie: What was it like growing up being the son of Brian Pillman?

Pillman: It was very interesting being the son of a legend. Just like in the movies or the animes, there is a certain expectation and mystique surrounding my potential success.

Huskie: Did you always want to follow your dad’s footsteps and be a pro wrestler? Or was it something that you didn’t decide until later in life?

Pillman: I always knew in the back of my head that I would become a wrestler, but I fought it for very long time and tried to make normal life work but I was ultimately unfulfilled with normal life and set out in my mid 20s to become a wrestler.

Huskie: You trained under Cody Hawk. Cody has an amazing track record as a trainer. Why did you decided to train under Cody and what was it like training under Cody?

Pillman: Cody was very helpful to me in the earliest stages of my career and even gave me my very first match, however I attribute my training to Lance Storm.

Huskie: In such a short time you have really gained some traction in the wrestling industry. You are a part of MLW which is a company that is gaining more and more momentum. How did you get into MLW?

Pillman: I was randomly contacted on Twitter for an MLW booking. Next thing I knew I saw a Hart Foundation poster online with fans going NUTS, the rest is history!

Huskie: How did the New Hart Foundation form? And do you hear people comparing the New Hart Foundation to the original Hart Foundation?

Pillman: It was MLWs idea from the very start. We will always be compared to our elders that is the nature of carrying on such a powerful legacy but we will do our best to surpass them in every way and make them proud

Huskie: Have you had any talks with other companies such as WWE, ROH, Impact, or AEW?

Pillman: I have spoken words with every company but Impact.

Huskie: The wrestling business is in a really nice place right now where you don’t have to be in         the WWE to make money. There are the companies we have already mentioned along with companies such as EVOLVE, PWG, CZW who all are thriving right now and offer steady work for talent. What do you think of the state of wrestling right now?

Pillman: Independent wrestling is in it’s golden era and I’m enjoying every second of it!

Huskie: What is the main goal that you would like to accomplish in the wrestling business?

Pillman: My main goal is to restore Pillman to a household name, create a family and a legacy that will make my father proud.

Huskie: We see guys like Jim Cornette criticize and rant on things that he just doesn’t like or agree with. What are your thoughts on controversial spots that we have seen go viral such as Joey Ryan’s dick flip and the tampon spot that we recently saw from Priscilla Kelly?

Pillman: Individuals like Joey Ryan and Priscilla Kelly are some of the most creative and professional workers in the business that I’ve been blessed to meet so anyone hating on their success is jealous that they didn’t think of it first.

Huskie: Do you have any advice to offer to anyone looking to get into the wrestling business?

Pillman: Best advice is to be yourself, per the last question, the most influential wrestlers are the ones who break the rules, go against the script. Nobody is remembered by doing what they are told. Trust in your gut.

Huskie: Where can fans find you on social media?

Pillman: You can follow me on Twitter at FlyinBrianJr and Instagram at flyinbrian41.

Huskie: Fan be sure to catch Brian Pillman Jr. on MLW Fusion, and if you are in town for WrestleMania this weekend be sure to find a show with this great young wrestler on it. Also check out his Pro Wrestling Tees store.

Huskie Howard

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