Brian Myers Says His Experience As WWE Producer Was Invaluable

IMPACT Wrestling star Brian Myers recently spoke to WrestleZone. During the interview Myers talked about his experience as a WWE producer.

“I just love pro wrestling, A-to-Z. One day, father time is going to get me and I’m not going to be able to perform up to my standards in the ring, but to me, it’s not going to be so much of a sad day as it’s going to be a transition because there’s so many other jobs as aspects within this industry that I’m interested in, whether it’s commentary or being a producer, things like that. I don’t know, maybe creative, after the FWF experience I just had, but Vince—I was injured and Vince hand-picked me for somewhat of an internship. I always say I worked more injured than I did as a healthy talent. I’m at every production meeting in a suit, listening and learning, and it was invaluable. It made me a better performer. Part of me was like, ‘Man, everybody should be in here because we can deliver on exactly what you want! You’re saying it in [meetings] and you just have a better understanding [of what they want].”

“It’s just like anything else in this business—if you’re passionate about it, it kinda bleeds over. I love doing it, it’s just something I don’t want to do until I physically have to, as much as I love to. Actually, IMPACT has discussed it already, but both parties have decided to let me be me and be a pro wrestler.”

“I literally didn’t want to get stuck in it. The day I got cleared, I’ll never forget it—I went and found Vince, and I had this very honest conversation with him. ‘It’s an unbelievable experience, and thank you for choosing me. I’m very flattered and I learned so much, it’s invaluable, but please let me be a pro wrestler. It’s what I love to do. I’m not ready to stop active competition at, whatever I was [at the time], 32 years old.’ I thought that was nuts.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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