Brandi Rhodes Responds To Criticism Of Cody Rhodes’ New LGBTQ T-Shirt

It was announced earlier in the the week that AEW EVP Cody Rhodes has released a new t-shirt in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month. Rhodes announced that the proceeds from the shirt’s sales will go to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Below is a tweet from a fan who criticized Rhodes for attaching his name to the shirt. The tweet has since been deleted.

“Why can’t it be just an AEW pride shirt? Why does your name have to be attached to it? In fact, shouldn’t it be something like a Nyla Rose or a Sonny Kiss t-shirt as they are part of the community? Sh*t, I ought to go in marketing.”

Cody’s wife Brandi would respond to the criticism.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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