JTG On How His NWA Appearance Came About, Not Being Signed Anywhere & More!

Former WWE Superstar JTG was recently the guest on The Wrassingh Show. Here are some highlights…

On how his NWA appearance came about:

“I almost wasn’t able to make the booking because that same week I was scheduled to shoot a TV series in LA and I called one of the people in charge and was like, ‘is this guaranteed? You haven’t given me any paperwork to sign and I’m slated for these two days.’ I told them I had potential interest from the NWA and I definitely wanted to do it. They called the director and producers to see if they could reschedule my dates for another time. They didn’t want to stop me from pursuing my career. Got the callback, ‘Yeah, we can reschedule, do your thing with NWA.’ I called NWA and was on my way.”

On the NWA locker room:

“It’s amazing. I love working with them. The locker room is amazing. Everyone has the same vision and concept of wrestling. We’re there to tell a story and we all know that less is more.”

On not being signed anywhere:

“I haven’t signed with anybody yet. I’m going to weigh out my options and take the best deal. Right now, NWA is home and I’ll treat it as such.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

Huskie Howard

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