Zeda On If She Will Be In The Mae Young Classic, Her Time At The WWE Performance Center & More!

Former NXT Superstar Zeda recently spoke to The Roman Show. Here are some highlights….

On the Mae Young Classic:

“I have no idea if I’ll be in the Mae Young Classic, I hope I am it. It will be awesome. In the indies I am willing to wrestle anyone because I want to get out there because I’ve really been exposed only to NXT for the most part at least here in Florida. Of course, I want to wrestle Renee Michelle.”

On the WWE Performance Center:

“It was a great experience, very different. Before I went to NXT it was like I had some Indy friends and I saw some shows, but not a lot. But going in there is like learning how everything is done in there and then coming here I am like wow they are more for TV and more detailed cause they have to be, but this they are very entertaining. They are engaging, pulling fans it’s a whole other experience.”


“No, I want to focus my time in wrestling. I’ve spent ten years in MMA. After doing all that doing MMA and the entertainment industry like singing and dance I was always torn between the two. I was like ‘should I chase the MMA career or acting/ modelling career?’ Afterwards, when I realized there was this, this was fitting.”

On Chinese wrestling:

“There will be more and more (Asian wrestlers),” she said. “I hear good things that the China market is getting bigger and bigger with wrestling and we (should) jump on that train and keep expanding because it’s nice. When wrestling started, it started small and it keeps expanding it would be nice for the whole world to see it.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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