Will Ospreay Talks About Paul Heyman Offering Him A Contract For EVOLVE, His Match With Vader & More!

Will Ospreay recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard‘s. Here are some highlights….

On Paul Heyman offering him an EVOLVE contract:

“I watched Paul Heyman as I grew up, right on my TV screen, so for him to call me out and say how much of a revolutionary I am in this business, it was so surreal. Gabe Sapolsky, who was Paul Heyman’s right hand guy back in the ECW days, runs EVOLVE, and they have a connection with NXT. If my contract with New Japan didn’t say that I have to hand over all agreements and contracts, then I would have signed on the dot, that moment. I cannot thank Gabe Sapolsky and Paul Heyman enough – it was one of the most touching moments of my life.”

On his recent match with Vader: 
“This is a business, and I do what I’m told to do, but I am unhappy about the way it went about. The original plan was for me to be over, and it changed the night before because he didn’t want to do it.”

“I was a little bit disappointed in the fact that a man like Vader, at the age that he is, refused to put over a guy like me—maybe because I don’t fit the mold of what wrestlers look like. I never complain about putting someone over, but this is one time—after the headache that I went through—that I should have gone over.”

On being happy with his role in New Japan, but WWE is still on his mind: 

“I’m never going to say that WWE has not been in my mind. For anyone who ever gets into wrestling, WrestleMania is always the dream. Right now, I am over the moon with New Japan and I could stay here for another five years with all the talent coming through. Everyone backstage is a joy to work with, but WWE is on my mind, and they obviously had had interest in me. But right now I just want to learn from the best in the world in Japan.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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