WALTER On Why He’s Different Than Everyone Else

WWE NXT UK Superstar WALTER recently spoke to The Daily Star. During the interview WALTER talked about why he’s different than everyone else.

“That’s also the difference between me and 99% of my fellow wrestlers. My wife, family and friends they mean everything to me. But when I’m in a Pro Wrestling environment, I’m focused on the task and in charge of my emotions, I won’t let my emotions connect with anything I do in Pro Wrestling.”

“What I had to do to achieve certain things – that makes me proud – proud of myself. Not a belt, company or being a part of something. I step in the ring for this sport and to restore the honor of it. To show the world that the purest form of pro wrestling is still the most efficient, I need to be in the top spot wherever I go.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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