Triple H On Superstars Asking For Their Release On Social Media, Oney Lorcan Responds

A new trend is WWE is for Superstars to go on social media and ask for their releases. This year Luke Harper, Sin Cara and Mike Kanellis have all asked for their release on social media. Triple H addressed this on a NXT TakeOver media conference call.

“I think when you get to the bottom of it, like I don’t understand people airing—if you have an issue, talk to us. If you think ‘You know what? I’m gonna go put that on the media…’ That’s not the way to do your business. If I had a complaint with talent, I don’t go on Twitter and complain to them. I speak to them. So, I’ve never understood that process if it’s legit. There are a lot of people out there just getting clicks. I know you guys can understand that. ‘Let’s throw a headline on something, hey, watch this, I’m gonna break the Internet. Click.’ Right?

I watch guys do it all the time. I watch guys do it all the time and sometimes. I wish they wouldn’t but sometimes they just think it’s funny. Right? There’s a moment in time where they hit something and it gets them a ton of buzz and they go, ‘Yeah, I’m just messing with people.’”

“You say some stuff later like ‘I don’t want to see you anymore’ and you come back a few minutes later, ‘Ahhh, I was just mad at the moment. Of course, I want to stay in this relationship.’ It is what it is. There’s a silliness to it. To me, there’s a maturity issue of that’s not how you handle business. Anybody who’s out there that is serious about it, that’s talking about it on the Internet—that’s not the place to do it. We all have phones. You meet, you handle your business like a professional. Everybody thinks we don’t like to say, everybody wants to say ‘professional wrestler,’ but the keyword in front of that is ‘professional.’ That’s what we’re trying to change about the business, make people more professional.”

Oney Lorcan would take to Twitter and respond to Triple H’s comments.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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