Triple H Cracks Joke About Paige, Paige Responds

During a recent interview for Inside the Ropes Triple H cracked a joke about Paige which has brought some heat on him.

“If our medical experts say they believe this person has done whatever to rehab their situation or it could be multiple situations, but if they’ve done all of that and they’re not safe to get back into the ring. We allow it, and if they’re not… and you see that with Daniel Bryan. None of us ever thought Daniel Bryan was going to step in the ring, at least not for us, and that was a question for him. ‘Well, I can’t do it for you doesn’t mean I can’t do it for other places.’

“But you have the conversation with him, that if medical experts are telling you this isn’t the best thing, but he worked extraordinarily hard for a long period of time to get himself back at a place, physically, where medical teams… the same people that disqualified him, were willing to say, ‘OK, now I feel like this is a safe return.’ So, if that’s the case, when you’re talking about people as talented as Edge, Paige… who wouldn’t want them to return? I’m a fan just like everyone else. Yeah, I would love to see them step into the ring and compete, but more importantly than that though, I’d like to see them live long, healthy lives. You know, Edge has kids, Paige… maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of.”

Paige would respond to Triple H’s remarks.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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