TJ Perkins Talks About His Dream Scenario For The Cruiserweight Classic & More!

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor TJ Perkins recently spoke with GMA News Online. Here are some highlights….

His dream scenario for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic: 

“If I had a dream scenario, it would be Zack [Sabre Jr] … We could do it a thousand times, we’re like Batman and the Joker. I think people kinda forget, because I could do a lot of different things, but in my heart, I’m really a technical wrestler. Being in there with somebody like Zack where he’s, you know, pure technician, I think it would be really fun and it’d be cool and we’ve done it in the past.

“To be able to do that in that sort of a way, it’d be kind of a special moment to look back at one of my long-time opponents and say look at what we’ve done, and look at where it brought us.”

On who he would pick to win the Cruiserweight Classic other than himself:

“I’m sure everybody thinks Zack’s gonna win this thing. Even I think Zack might win this – I dunno. It’s hard to really guess – somebody as good as Zack – he’s the trendy choice, he’s very popular and Kota is as well, they’re really, in terms of cruiserweights for the world, they’re very much superstars.”

Click here for the full interview.


Huskie Howard

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