Tinieblas Jr. On His Comic Series Luchaverse, His Promotion & More!

Lucha star Tinieblas Jr. recently spoke to Angel Garcia of Wrestlezone. Here are some highlights….

On his comic series Luchaverse and the relationship with Masked Republic:

“Well, everything started with the image, and the history of the character (Tinieblas) They figured out that the character is designed for a comic series, television, and film, in fact my father, almost 10 years ago, made his own comic series here in Mexico City of really high quality, just like the one that is about to be release. When they began contacting me, they saw how active on the scene I was, and it interested them what the character represents in both Mexico, and outside of it. For the image, the characteristics, it’s a character that is adaptable, in different works. Like in Lucha Libre of course, movies, not to repeat myself, but comics as well.”

“Well, we spoke, we came to an agreement, with a small cameo for the Super 7 of the Luchaverse I believe, but they had already spoken about a solo series. But of course, as you know, contracts have to be done correctly, legalities and agreements had to be ironed out. We set a date, we met at Expo Lucha in Las Vegas, and well the fans are responding well.  I’m very proud of it, people like to see real characters, owned by the original owners, in a comic series, wrestling, and having adventures. Seeing them outside of comics and seeing them in real life.”

On his promotion FULL (Federación Universal de Lucha Libre):

“I have before, we went to McAllen, Laredo, Houston (Texas) as well, it was quite the surprise. It was quite the experience, and a challenge. The fans responded well. People want to see Mexican luchadors, the goal for me was to give a good, organized show, and that when people left the show, they left with a good test in their mouth. I applaud every promotion out there, they give all their effort.  I am very grateful for all the fans, and every event that I have done for 12 years. The shows can always be better, something always goes wrong, some things take too long, something always happens. We all try to put on a successful event. Have the fan leave with a good taste in their mouth. My style is a bit different. How do I say it? It is more “logistical”. The show must have a good flow. There is an audience for everything, ours is a family event. We tone down the violence. Those type of events aren’t for me. People can like what they want. That’s fine, but its not for me.”

“I personally am against “Lucha Extrema”(extreme wrestling) I think it is something that is detrimental to Lucha Libre, because it pushes families away. We are athletes, we are role models, they ask us to give advice to kids,  what should they do to succeed, I feel you cant really do that with “Lucha Extrema”. Lucha Libre is beautiful. To me, Mexican Lucha Libre is a profession that is of a highest standard, and what we want to maintain that with our promotion and our legacy. Fans are begging us to move to a smaller screen, being television. We are working on that, we have been on television before, it was a fantastic experience, it was sort of a school on how to produce a television show. We have a couple of opportunities to put FULL on television, and other platforms. We have spoken to them about the concept for the show: I have a group new luchadors for the promotion, 70% being new luchadors, and 30% being established, and legendary wrestlers, that are also helping with the show.”

On a 3rd generation of Tinieblas:

“No problem, the truth is, I’m training my son with all the patience in the world. It’s the same way I was brought up in my education. A lot of people send me messages asking for advice, “Where can my kid go train?”, “What is the right age to begin training?”. At the moment, my son is currently training, and he enjoys his the physical conditioning. He enjoys his training. It’s the same advice I was given.”

“Prepare yourself as much as you can, pick the right training regimen that is right for you. If you want to begin training for wrestling, you can start at 15 really. There’s amateur wrestling, Olympic style, and other styles as well that you can begin with.  Now, my son is currently working on conditioning, his focusing on his wrestling training, He truly enjoys studying the sport, he’s learning the many different aspects as well.  Looking into next year, all I can say is, the 3rd generation is coming, regardless I think in a few years, he will debut, the news will come on his first match. And it will be fantastic.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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