The Iiconics On Reports Of Sasha Banks’ Behavior At WrestleMania

Ever since WrestleMania 35 there have been numerous reports about Sasha Banks. Reports such has Banks trying to quit after her and Bayley lost the Women’s Tag Titles, reports that Banks and Bayley laid in the floor protesting. The Iiconics (Peyton Royce & Bille Kay) recently spoke to Express Sport and discussed the rumors concerning Banks and Bayley.

Royce: “Immediately after the match we were all in tears, all crying. Just filled with emotion, we got pictures together which we then posted on our Instagram. I mean, I know there’s all these rumors going around and we didn’t see anything.”

“Everyone was super happy and excited for us. The rumor to us is we didn’t see anything that we’re hearing.”

Kay: “Yeah, we don’t really pay attention to rumors or social media and all that kind of stuff in that aspect. We had a great experience with them and it holds a really special place in our hearts. You can find them [pictures], we’re all embracing each other.”

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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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