Swoggle On His New Animated Series, How His AEW Appearance Came About & More!

Former WWE Superstar Swoggle recently did an interview for ComicBook.com. Here are some highlights….

On his new animated series, Short Stories with Swoggle:

“‘They’re stories from the wrestling world, in general. A lot of them are going to be based off the episodes of Something to Wrestle With with Bruce Prichard and that kind of thing….It’s a really cool insight into pro wrestling in a really fun way.’”

On WWE having plans to use him for a skit during the Street Profits/Viking Raiders feud:

“No one knows this because it never aired, but I was flown to the Performance Center to film a segment on Backlash during the Street Profit and Viking Raiders match that just never made it to air. It’s just we just never got to film it because we ran out of time and the weather was not in our favor. It just started sideways raining out, so we didn’t get to shoot any of that segment.”

On how his AEW appearance came about:

“Chris [Jericho] and I have been buddies for a decent amount [of time]. He literally texted me. He goes, “Hey, are you traveling?” I said, “I would love to be.’ He said, “Okay.” He goes, “We have this really crazy idea. I’d love you to be part of it. We’re essentially doing a [The Hangover]-esque sketch.” I said, “Let me guess, I’m the baby?” He goes, “You’re the baby.” I said, “Perfect.” I said, “This couldn’t be more fitting” as to anyone who knows me outside of the ring closely that I fit that part in the Hangover sketch very well.”

“I was flown to Las Vegas to film it. We filmed. I went to Caesar’s Palace to the actual Hangover suite, which they being like all of us, me being a Hangover fan, it was pretty awesome. We filmed in the suite. I was there for an hour for an eight-second thing. Then I flew home that night, so I was literally in Vegas for less than 12 hours. We filmed the whole thing, it was pretty awesome.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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