Solo Darling On Her Time In CHIKARA, Her K9 Sidekick & More!

Indy star Solo Darling recently did an interview with the All Night Long Wrestling Podcast. Here are some highlights…

On getting started in the business:

“I started out in Louisville, then moved down to Florida and got to work with Shine. A lot of my preliminary training was on the road, and eventually found the House of Truth which is one of my favorite schools. I got to work at the ROH Dojo as well, and then Chikara Wrestle Factory which is where I currently train.”

On her K9 sidekick, Officer Magnum:

“Chikara has been my home now for about two years. I lost my first dog tragically the day after Christmas. It was a really hard time for me because he was my best friend. I wanted to go to shelters and help out other dogs. So I’m walking by and see Officer Magnum in this cage, and he jumped up and put both his paws on my hand. I went back the next day and adopted him. He came with me to Wrestle Factory, and he would watch us train. Then Mike Quackenbush asks me if he’d want to become part of the Chikara roster. So I had a meeting with him (Officer Magnum) and he accepted. He loves it.”

On her time in CHIKARA:

“Well, I loved my time as the squirrel, but it was time to put a cap on it. LuFisto basically broke my lollipop and cut my tail off as the squirrel. Travis Huckabee and I were going to become the Rumblebees. So I did a lot of research, looking for inspiration from comics. I’ve designed the gear to be our version of superheroes. Working with Travis gave me the opportunity to do more technical wrestling, which I enjoy and I think when done right is a beautiful dance.”

On here recent trip to Japan: 

“I was just recently at Sendai Wrestling in Japan. It was an amazing trip and getting to see how they work and the crowds, it’s another world and it was beautiful. Everyone there works really hard and it comes off amazing and you can see the passion in the ring. It’s a different form and a different style. There so much talent there and so many great performers, I was really blown away.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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