Sean Maluta Talks About Wrestling Kota Ibushi & Hideo Itami, If He’s Been Contacted To Be A Part Of The Cruiserweight Division & More!

WWE CWC competitor Sean Maluta was recently a guest on Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Here are some highlights….

On  being a wrestling fan as a kid:

“Wrestling was it for me. I’ve been around it enough to where I knew that this is what I wanted to do. I had to be 14 years old to legally start training, so that’s exactly what I waited for, and that’s exactly what I did. Also, at the time, the state law in Pennsylvania was that you had to be 18 to start working on shows, so I had to wait [a few] years for that. Which, in the end, turned out to be okay, because I was that much more ready for it.”

On being encouraged by Steve Austin:

There was a moment when I think we were in the lobby at the hotel we were staying at, and my uncle Afa took me over to him, and he instantly started joking with me. He knew I was a wrestler, and he said if his knees were good, then he would give me a run at one of these WrestleManias, which I was going nuts inside for, especially being younger, I was like 17 or 18 back then. So, that little interaction with Stone Cold just made my whole weekend, and he was able to make me laugh and smile, and joke around with me. It’s hard not to get star struck over people you grew up loving and respecting.”

On wrestling Kota Ibushi in the CWC:

 “I remember growing up and always being intrigued by Japanese wrestling, watching guys like [Toshiaki] Kawada, [Kenta] Kobashi, [Mitsuharu] Misawa, that whole All Japan era, and even recently with New Japan taking over, and Pro Wrestling NOAH. Even today, I’m such a student of the game, and I try to watch wrestling every chance that I can from everywhere that I can. I already knew Kota [Ibushi]’s reputation going in. I know how great he was. And it’s great seeing someone on the TV or the laptop, [but] it’s a whole other ballgame being in the ring with him. I felt like I was ready for it. I was very calm, ready to go in there and do my best, and finally get to show my stuff on this stage. To do it with one of the best talents in the tournament and what seems to be many people’s favorite to win the whole thing is just special.”

On wrestling Itami in NXT:

“Another one of my favorites of all time. I couldn’t even tell you how many matches I’ve watched of him from a studying aspect. You’ve got strikers, then you’ve got Kenta. He just brings his own style to the game. It was a big match for him too [against myself]. He was out a year and a half with a shoulder injury. A lot of us know how tough that can be, and he’s got the scar to prove it. That one was even more surreal to be in the ring with one of my favorites of all time. When I think of Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam, all of my favorites to watch, he is right up there with him.”

On if he’s been contacted for the WWE’s Cruiserweight Division:

“No, there hasn’t been any talks. The success thus far of the tournament has actually made this a reality to make it a full-time deal. There’s a large base of people who really want to see it and have missed the cruiserweight division for all these years. You’ve got smaller guys who’ve been able to break through on TV to compete for the world title. But the cruiserweight division is always changing, it’s always evolving, and this tournament is a preview of the things to come You’ll see a lot of familiar faces from the tournament, and I hope to be in the mix of that.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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