Scott D’Amore On Why Impact Didn’t Work Out On Pursuit & How Long They Had Been In Talks With AXS

Impact Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore recently spoke to Brian Wohl of Wrestling Inc. Here are some highlights….

On Impact moving to AXS TV:

“As people probably can understand, this isn’t the type of thing that comes together overnight. It’s been a very long process and it goes back many months. It’s been in the works and one of the hardest things to do is just keep telling people, ‘don’t worry, we have a plan’ but not being able to say what that plan was. So, it was a pretty exciting day when we finally got to get that announcement out about AXS TV.”

On why Impact didn’t work out on Pursuit:

“Ultimately, Pursuit was a stopgap for where we knew we were going. We were still on Pop TV when we knew that AXS was going to be our new home. But without us committing to Pop, Pop couldn’t commit to us. If we would have stayed on Pop, we would have been bounced all over the late night time slots.”

“Going to Pursuit did a couple of things: we spent so much time looking at short-term extensions with Pop – it almost just became let’s just house it here for now as it’s one of our own properties in Pursuit and we know it’s short-term. The other thing was that it allowed us to do the Twitch deal which was important to us in continuing to build our digital platform. With a conventional broadcaster, we were leery of saying we’re gonna simulcast our show that you’re paying money for online. Are you okay with that? Pursuit, since we own it, we were okay with it and we’ve now shown it’s something that can continue. Even as we move to AXS, it doesn’t hurt the broadcast component because the person consuming it digitally is a different viewer than a person who’s gonna watch it on broadcast television.”

Click here for the full interview.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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