Samantha Heights Injured During Tour Of Japan

On Tuesday Indy star Samatha Heights posted the following on her Facebook revealing she has suffered a knew injury while touring Japan.

Less than 24 hours ago, I found out that I will have to have surgery due to knee injuries I sustained while here in Japan. I don’t know how long I will be out of wrestling, but this is going to be, without a doubt, the hardest few months of my life. But you can be sure that I will come back from this, I will be better than ever and I will finish what I’ve started. I have the best support system in the world and I know that there’s no way that I can fail. This is just a friendly reminder that I can do anything #DayOne #RoadToRecovery #IllBeBack #BetterEveryday #ICanDoAnything #CantStopWontStop #WeGotThis #HappierThanEver #Sunflower #SaturdayNight #Scoundrel #BrighterThanSunshine #TheAdventuresOfSamanthaHeights #LostGirl #Bangarang #Hashtag #TooManyHashtags

At this time it’s not known how long Heights will be out of action. We here at WrestleFix wish her all the best on her road to recovery.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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