Ryback Talks About The Challenges Of Working For WWE

On the latest edition of Conversation with The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback had the following to say on his WWE run…..

“The biggest challenge for me there was working there and giving everything that I had knowing I wasn’t getting the same in return. It was hard living that life day in and day out, knowing I was working for somebody that knew what they had but just chose not to use it to its full capacity. Internally that was a struggle with myself and I became very unhappy because I had this contract and I wanted to fulfill it as long as I could, but it came to the point where eventually I had to leave, and to get out at a certain point, and that was an easy decision for me that day in St. Louis. The biggest challenge since leaving there was trying to focus. I’ve got my hands on so many different things, I have been so excited to be able to do so many different things that I now have the opportunity to do and I feel like I have to pace myself to how much I am doing because I have gotten to do so many different things now, which requires daily weight training and constantly trying to stay in shape since I am not working 4 or 5 nights a week, so I have to make sure that I am doing the Boxing, and am adding the Muay Thai and the Jiu Jitsu, being in top shape, which is what helps me stay in the wrestling shape I was in. Now, I do media stuff; I understand when I worked with WWE that is how they do their business; you do local radio advertisements, etc. I can put my stuff on social media, that stuff is good, but it’s not a whole lot. When I was at the gym, someone was listened to the Busted Open Radio podcast and said that he really liked my interview on there, and said to him, thank you for telling me that because anything we can do to promote; because if people don’t know they won’t come, so any kind of publicity is good. When I go to these shows, I don’t care if it’s a small building or not, I want it to be filled as much as possible, because that’s just doing good business. If I can wrestle in front of 500 people instead of 200 people, I want to wrestle with 500 people, and everybody there would want to wrestle for 500 people, so if I can help the cause and awareness to the event, because I’ve been used to doing that for so long.”


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Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard is the owner and editor-in-chief of WrestleFix.com. He is a long time contributor to WrestleOhio.com, where he is known for his extensive coverage of Ohio pro wrestling and interviews with the stars of the Ohio pro wrestling scene.

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