RVD On When His Impact Wrestling Contract Ends & More!

Impact Wrestling star RVD was recently the guest on the WINCLY Podcast. Here are some highlights….

On what brought him back to wrestling:

“The obvious answer is business. When business is good, I’m always happy to consider it. I have a really good deal from every standard with Impact and I don’t mind talking about it as it should give them some credibility. I have a very favorable schedule because I don’t wanna be on the road all the time. It seems like I’m on the road all the time but I’m really not; it’s just how they do their TV…”

“The reason I’m there is because of the love [Impact] puts in my pocket to be honest.”

On working a limited schedule and how long his Impact deal last:

“RVD then talked about how over last three years he’s been off TV in the states. He’s mostly been wrestling overseas but that was just 10-12 matches a year and he is not priced to be on the market because he doesn’t want to wrestle 5-6 days a week. He noted that he will be with Impact until January.”

“I’m a premium wrestler that not everyone can bring aboard. Way back in April, one of those 10-12 bookings I did was me and Sabu wrestling the Lucha Bros and then afterwards [Impact] kept both of us around for a little bit. I agreed to a handful of matches and then another handful of matches that will keep me with Impact until January.”

On the backstage environment at Impact compared to his last run there:

“It’s so good this time. Last time it felt like everyone in the dressing room was competing with me. I don’t know if I made it up in my head, but they all knew I was making more money than them, not Sting or Hogan [but others].”

“This time around everyone is so cool and a lot of them grew up watching me. Sometimes they tell me that I’m the reason they’re wrestling right now. That means a lot even at the risk of marking out. The boys treat me with love and respect even though I’m not a locker room leader or anything. If somebody wants advice, I’ll give it to them. Otherwise I’m in the corner stretching and doing my ninja thing.

“In the office as well, they treat me with respect…As far as what I’m interested in with a lesser workload, it’s perfect for me.”

On Impact allowing him to appear at the RAW Reunion:

“They gave me written permission to do it and they just said they were curious about it. I could only imagine that they probably thought it was cool. Scott D’Amore is the guy I deal with – he’s the one that hired me. He said before when promoting my movie Headstrong, which you can watch on iTunes, that anything that helps you helps us. So I think that’s the attitude there.”

Click here for the full show.

Huskie Howard

Huskie Howard

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