Rob Terry On Why WWE Gave Him A Shot, Teaming With Robbie E & More!

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Rob Terry was recently the guest on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast. Here are some highlights….

On not having the opportunity to speak more in WWE or IMPACT:

“It was frustrating. Sometimes you are put in the role. As a performer, it can be frustrating,” he said. “I just feel like from the day I started I’ve grown so much. It would have been a great opportunity for me to really evolve and do something worth more personality driven rather than be stereotyped as this muscle bound guy.”

“I think about that a lot. Maybe in the future I’ll get a chance to try something out.”

On being open to return to wrestling in the future:

“It was such a huge thrill to actually get into the industry growing up in Wales. There was a time difference, but we’d stay up till four in the morning to watch the pay-per-views,” he reminisced. ” It was kind of this religious thing. I would tell friends way back when. I was a big dude then in my early 20s, I would say this is my dream. This is what I wanted to do. I was used to people laughing in my faceā€¦.For me, to work with WWE and all these guys. I was a big fan, so it was monumental. I will always be a fan.”

“…I think it’s great. Competition really makes the products step up. Having these different brands really elevate the game of each company. There are a lot of opportunities. A lot of growth. Obviously, with this COVID situation and no crowds that goes with that is not a good thing right now. All these companies are in a great situation to step up.”

On teaming with Robbie E In IMPACT:

“He’s the very reason I say bro way too much in my life. I never used to say bro before I met that guy. It’s really cool to stay in touch with those guys. I try to stay connected with what they’re doing. It’s really good to see them all do well.”

On why WWE gave him a shot in 2006:

“I got my opportunity with WWE in 2006 because I was natural. The company needed natural athletes. They had a wellness policy in place… There are a few tragic events that happened prior to my hiring with the company which led to that wellness policy to take effect. I was there and a perfect candidate. I think a lot of people when they saw me on TV they made assumptions that I was enhanced when in reality I was a natural athlete.”

Click here to listen to the full show.

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